Dental crowns are used to repair a number of different issues with teeth, providing a strong and stable solution that can greatly extend the life of your teeth. When it comes to dental crowns, you have a great deal more choices than you did a few years ago. While we have been working diligently to improve dental crowns, this has created a situation where you have to select between a variety of options. Some people swear by the full porcelain crowns, however, we have learned that when it comes to dental crowns there is no one size fits all solution, meaning you may actually not be the best fit for … Continued

We can provide you with dental implants or dental bridges to replace your missing teeth. While we provide preventative dental care to help reduce the risk of tooth loss, this is still an issue that many adults deal with on some level. If you have lost a tooth due to age, infection, or an accident, we recommend you take the time to consider all your options. As a cosmetic dentist, there are many ways to replace missing teeth, and it is important to select the option that is right for you. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation. In the meantime, here is what you need … Continued

As a family dentist in Lafayette, LA, we know that visiting our office has specific advantages, both for you the patient, and for us as the dentist. We know that nobody really likes going to the dentist and that most people would avoid it if at all possible. The family dentistry environment creates a situation where families work together, coming in for their appointments and, from an accountability standpoint, holding each other responsible for great oral health and hygiene habits. Families that come in together tend to have better oral health. This is because when you make it a habit of seeing your family dentistry services provider regularly, we can … Continued

As a sleep apnea dentist, we can improve your life by helping to restore your energy levels.  Obstructive sleep apnea is a common condition that impacts millions of people, often without them realizing it.  You may have the condition if you have noticed that you no longer have the energy levels that you used to, you find yourself snoring or choking at night, or you cannot stay awake late or when driving.  If common activities are putting you to sleep or you family is complaining about your constant fatigue, now is the time to have yourself checked out.  Your fatigue may be caused by a common and treatable condition. Obstructive … Continued

As a teeth whitening dentist in Lafayette, LA, we can remove the deep stains and discoloration that have turned your bright and beautiful smile into one that appears dull or aged.  Yellow or stained teeth generally make a person look far older than they are.  As a cosmetic dentist, we have seen people in their twenties look a decade older simply because their daily coffee habit has made their teeth look yellow.  White teeth are associated with youth, good health, and an attractive appearance, all reasons that you should consider whitening yours if they are no longer as bright as they used to be. When you decide to whiten your … Continued

As a childrens dentist in Lafayette, LA, we are focused on helping our young patients to develop healthy habits that will help them to maintain strong teeth for a lifetime.  The habits they form as children make a direct impact in the type of health that they will have as grown adults.  Things like learning to brush and floss teeth properly will help them to avoid gum disease as they age.  Learning to enjoy visiting the dentist will prevent adult-dental anxiety so that they can relax and feel comfortable on their appointments.  These are things that will be advantageous for them, regardless of how old they are. Given our philosophy … Continued

THE BACTERIA IN OUR BODIES vastly outnumber our human cells! And no matter how much we brush, floss, or rinse, our mouths will always be home to billions of microbes. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Different types of bacteria keep others in check, and most aren’t anything to worry about. But maintaining this balance requires some effort on your part—to support the good bacteria and limit the growth of the bad. Our Oral Ecosystems Recent studies estimate that there are about 1000 species of oral bacteria, with 100 to 200 in any given individual. Microbes live off nutrients found in saliva, and on our gums, teeth and tongues. … Continued

OUR DIETS AFFECT EVERY PART of our bodies. Oral health can improve or deteriorate drastically based on the things we eat! First, Cut Down On Sugar Sugar has become far too big a part of our modern diets. In addition to making us sick and fat, it erodes our teeth! Avoid frequent snacking on sugary foods, especially things that are sticky or slow dissolving (like most candies). The constant presence of sugar turbocharges acid-producing bacteria, eating away at our tooth enamel. The biggest offenders are soda, sports drinks and energy drinks. What makes them especially dangerous is that we tend to sip them, coating teeth in sugar over and over … Continued

IT MIGHT NOT SEEM SO AT FIRST, but a dental practice is all about relationships—relationships between our team members and our relationships with YOU, our valued patients and friends. When we stop to think about the things we do each day, these things make it all worth it. We Love Seeing Your Smile! We love social media because it allows us to continue to nurture these important relationships long after you’ve gone back home after visiting our practice. We enjoy hearing about your concerns, your plans, your vacations, your victories… And we get to see your smiles often! We love that! Seeing Smiles Everywhere We also like social media because … Continued

CHEWING IS THE FIRST STEP in digestion! But chewing our food only enough to swallow it down doesn’t count. If you’re rushing proper chewing—especially if it’s due to dental distress—you’re robbing yourself of some important benefits! Chewing Helps Retain Energy And Absorb Nutrients Chewing our food does more than simply give us time to taste flavors. The more we chew our food, the more it’s broken down into elements we can absorb and use. When we swallow minimally chewed food, some of the nutrients and energy remains locked in—making it more difficult to enter our bodies. Chewing Aids Digestion When saliva mixes with the foods we eat, we begin to … Continued

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