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Dental Spa

Dr. Ashley Price has created a warm and welcoming environment into which to welcome you. We provide all the amenities of a dental spa to help you relax as you receive our dental services. From the moment you walk in our door, we want to create a wow experience, so we will welcome you and help you feel right at home.

Welcoming You to Our Dental Spa

When you first arrive, we’re going to welcome you by name. We offer coffee and beverages and a comfortable place to complete your paperwork if you prefer to do that in the office. Then your dental hygienist will guide you to one of our chairs and offer you an amenities menu, so you have a chance to choose the things that help you the most.

Our Spa Amenities

Sometimes patients feel anxious about receiving dental care, so we’ll first offer you a warmed lavender towel. The scent of lavender has been used for ages to alleviate anxiety and fear, so it will soothe your senses as well as your mind. Then you can choose to have a massaging chair that will soothe you even more. In addition, we offer supportive neck pillows, a warm blanket to wrap yourself in, noise-reducing headphones, and television screens, so you can lose yourself in your favorite programming.

Find out more about our unique brand of dentistry. Click here for our new patientspage, or call for an appointment.

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2139 Dulles Dr.
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