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Emergency Dentistry

If you are in pain, you need help immediately. Call us at the number listed above, and Dr. Price will see you today. We will complete a comprehensive exam and alleviate your pain. Then we can discuss the best treatment plan to solve your problem.

Emergency Dentist Practices

Patients appreciate Dr. Price’s gentle chairside manner and compassionate approach. You can feel relaxed and comfortable in our welcoming space. Dr. Price practices pain-free dentistry and offers three levels of sedation, so you need not even remember the details of your treatment if you don’t want to. She will provide relief for your immediate problem, and then you can discuss a treatment plan to provide a long-term solution.

Dr. Price and her staff understand that fear of dental visits can lead to neglect and other problems. You will not be judged or given a lecture about regular dental care. Instead, you will be treated with the respect you deserve.

Letting Go of Your Worst Fear

Patients experiencing dental pain often assume the worst. There are numerous reasons you may need an emergency dentist. If you are afraid you may need root canal treatment, it is important to know that even if you do, it can be completely painless.

Many patients feel more comfortable when they understand the cause of dental pain and the treatments available. Some toothaches are caused by decay that has penetrated the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth to reach the pulp. When this happens, an infection can set in, leading to an abscess, which can cause a lot of pain. Antibiotics cannot reach this type of infection, and sometimes root canal treatment is called for.

If you fear that you may need root canal treatment, rest assured. Root canal used to be one of the most feared dental treatments, but that was mainly due to dental techniques that are now outmoded. Dr. Price offers the latest dental procedures and technology, so you can have a painless experience.

“Dr. Price and the staff have actually cured my fear (a big fear) of going to the dentist. I can’t wait to go back.” – Customer review by David D. of Lafayette.

Give us a call, so we can get you in to see Dr. Price today—we’re here to help.

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