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If you have already lost your teeth and need removable dentures, Dr. Price can create a set to look so beautiful and natural, no one will be able to tell they’re not your own teeth. But if you are considering having your teeth removed to solve your dental issues with dentures, you should know more before you make a decision.

Beautiful Dentures Are Possible

Dr. Price offers full and partial dentures. She partners with a skilled laboratory technician who comes to our office every week to help patients who need dentures. At your first appointment, we’ll complete a careful examination of your teeth. Dr. Price will consult with you to discuss your treatment options. We will then take detailed impressions and create your custom-fit dentures.

Before You Have Teeth Removed

If you haven’t already had your teeth removed, it is important to know that it is always more beneficial to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible. Even the most finely crafted dentures never really feel or function like your own teeth. The upper arch covers the entire palate, which can interfere with fully tasting your food and articulating words when you speak. The lower arch is held in place with your tongue and cheeks. It can take some time to train your muscles so the denture doesn’t slip at embarrassing moments.

More importantly, once you lose a tooth, your body begins to absorb the minerals that make up the jawbone under that tooth to use elsewhere. The loss of all of your teeth can lead to a condition called facial collapse. In as few as ten or twenty years, facial collapse can leave your face with a shrunken, shriveled look. Additionally, when there is not enough jawbone left to support dentures, chewing efficiency is undermined. As a result, many people can only take in soft foods.

There is a Solution

Supporting dentures with dental implants solves these problems. Even using just two implants to support a denture arch immediately improves chewing efficiency, stops slipping, and leaves your palate free for taste and articulation. Also, implants prevent bone loss and facial collapse by keeping the jawbone from being absorbed. If you have lost some bone structure already, there’s no need to worry. Through a process called bone grafting, the surgeon who places your dental implants can build up the bone in the area of the jaw that will receive the implant.

To learn more, click here to read our implant overdentures page. If you’re ready to find a solution to your dental issues, call our office for an appointment with Dr. Price.

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