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Sedation Dentistry

If you are fearful of dentists, you are not alone. One in three Americans has dental phobia. Sedation dentist Dr. Ashley Price and the entire staff at Price & Associates Family Dentistry understand your fears. They have built a practice dedicated to helping patients overcome their anxiety. They want you to know how they will help you resolve both your dental issues and your fears. As a result, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with receiving regular dental care.

A Sedation Dentist with a Helpful Approach

For many patients, fear of dental treatment arises from a previous traumatic experience at the dentist. Dr. Price’s solution is to care for you with gentle understanding and respect in a supportive atmosphere where you can receive the appropriate level of sedation and experience pain-free dentistry.

Some patients report that a dentist has started to work on them before they were completely numb. This can be a traumatic experience. That won’t happen with Dr. Price. Negative experiences can cause patients to be afraid to return to the dentist resulting in neglect and serious dental problems. If this has happened to you, rest assured that we will not judge you here. Instead, we only want to help you overcome these traumatic memories.

Dr. Price Offers Three Levels of Sedation

Light sedation is provided using nitrous oxide, a gas that is breathed in through your nose with a mix of oxygen. This procedure not only helps you relax, but it also strengthens the local anesthetic, helping you become fully numb more easily. It also allows the local anesthetic injection to be administered without any anxiety or discomfort. After your treatment is complete, we will give you pure oxygen for a couple of minutes, which completely flushes the nitrous oxide from your system. With the effects completely gone, you can drive and return to other activities immediately after your visit.

Dr. Price is also licensed to provide oral conscious sedation. If you prefer a deeper level of sedation, we will give you with a medication you can take before your appointment. You will be awake and aware of your surroundings, and you will be able to respond to requests, but you will not remember the details of your appointment. You will want to have someone drive you to and from your dental visit because it will not be safe for you to drive.

Additionally, Dr. Price employs the services of a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist or CRNA who specializes in the safe administration of anesthesia. This nurse can provide you with intravenous, or IV, sedation that will ensure that you can still respond but leave you with no memory of your treatment. Here again, you will want to have someone to drive you home from your appointment, as the effects of the sedation will leave you feeling sleepy and relaxed.

Feel free to call our office for a full exam during which we can discuss treatment options and sedation levels that will work for you. If you’d rather meet Dr. Price and the staff and have a chance to feel comfortable and safe before you commit to a full exam, we’ll happily schedule you for a brief complimentary consultation.

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